Practical. Logical. Utility-focused. These are the terms which defines our outlook about “Value Engineering”. Unfortunately, value engineering has a bad reputation these days as a process where architectural design dreams are ignored some times. Our value engineering solutions have exhibited best of the solutions for our clients’ unusual requirements. With our wide range of experience and expertise in Unbonded Post-Tensioning our Research and Development team in association with best of Design Engineers derive most effective solution for client’s special needs.

Value Engineering
Value Engineering

However, every project is unique for us and we always treat them with a fresh mind-set. We bring in latest ideas and technologies from market to offer different perspectives on each and every project. Our primary objective is to provide value engineering not only in terms of reducing cost on existing projects but also to improve quality and increase structure’s sustainability.

Essentially, we do not try to alter a structural design by simply reducing material marginally. Instead, we tend to add value by suggesting changes in the structural scheme only if it is feasible. We have provided solutions like –

  • Altering the vertical and lateral load paths (and architectural grids if possible) to a more efficient system
  • Converting an RCC construction to a longer span post-tensioned (P-T) construction
  • Converting an RCC / PT construction to a longer span void slab construction with integrated services
  • Converting a beam and slab construction to a flat slab or flat plate construction
  • Converting an RCC transfer floor (transfer slab) into a dual-cast post-tensioned (P-T) transfer plate managing floating columns
Value Engineering

You can refer some of the cases with Value Engineering services in the Case Studies section.

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