Are you worried about breaking an important metallic element while doing renovation or interior work?

Smart Stopper is the solution. It is an amazing tool which stops the drill machine as soon as it comes in contact with any metallic component such as reinforcement, cable, strands etc. It saves the metallic component in concrete during retrofitting and interior work.

A single device that do not have any limitations to the no of uses and helping us in maintaining the quality of work during any activity that involves repair, rework or any new interior or structural work.

Smart stopper makes our work stress free as we won’t be damaging any part of the structure. It is simple to use and do not require constant monitoring.

Technical Details

  • Input voltage: 230 volt, 15Amp
  • Leakage protection- 1-50mA (Adjustable)
  • Outer body: IP65 dust proof
  • Size: 350 x 300 x 150 mm

Methodology for Using Smart Stopper

Steps to be followed:

  1. Plug the 3-wire SMART STOPPER plug in to your wall socket.
  2. Connect 1 wire: One end to Drill bit & other end with SMART STOPPER.
  3. Plug the Drill Machine to SMART STOPPER’S 16 Amp socket.
  4. Put 1st toggle switch “ON”
  5. Put second toggle switch “AUTO” (Red light with single ‘Ι’ mark on switch.)
  6. Press switch (Red push button) to start.
  7. Start the drill.

Make sure 1 sq. mm wire has to be connected with Drill bit when you start your drill.

Restart Procedure When Drill Stops:

  1. Press the RESET button on ELCB.
  2. Press switch (Red push button) to start.
  3. Start the drill.

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