Smart Wall – Pared Frame is made up of Light Gauge Steel (LGS). It is state-of-the-art technology which sturdy, durable and also saves lot of time over conventional masonry work. It is 85% lighter than brick masonry and 70% lighter than AAC Block masonry. It is an evolved technology to replace the conventional methods and to optimize the efficiency of the resources.

It is an engineered wall which can be used for loading, non- loading structures, roof trusses, floor trusses and any desired architectural requirement providing suitable design criteria. At present this technology is practiced all around the world & has more than 15 international codes for the designing but American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) is preferred more.


Not only in india but all around the world it is used in many areas of construction like internal / external non- load bearing wall of:

  • Residential projects
  • Commercial projects
  • Hotels, hospitals
  • Institutional buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Malls, showrooms, offices
  • Warehouses / storage places
  • Individual bungalows / villas, farm houses
  • Mass housing/ govt. Housing schemes
  • Temporary structures, etc.


  • Time saving
  • 40% lighter design than block masonry
  • Behaves better during earthquake
  • Fire resistance up to 3hrs
  • Easy to carryout/ reschedule activities
  • Uniform finishing
  • Waterless construction
  • 100% customization
  • No debris
  • Non — toxic
  • Green building
  • Recyclable & reusable

Wall Section & Detailing

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