Project Site

Before starting a new project, we visit the project site for a pre-installation meeting to inspect actual site condition as well as to schedule the construction sequence. During such visits we discuss about the scope of all the parties like, clients, contractors, and PTSI. Our team explain the construction drawings and its execution process to client’s representatives. We provide on-site assistance for execution as our field executive are locally present at the project site.

Our professional team verifies and validates field procedures (installation and stressing) by conducting site inspection physically, in order to ensure our standards are adhered.

Our field staff uses a Mobile Application to report all on-site operational activities. It enables us to serve our client with real-time information and assist our field staff promptly. Clients can share their feedback through Mobile Application any time as per their convenience which are directly monitored by the Management so that necessary actions can be taken in time.


All field staff at site are well equipped with personal protective equipment like, safety jackets, safety helmets, safety shoes, hand gloves, safety belts and safety glasses wherever required. Our field staff ensures that no worker on site is without these safety equipment.

We provide training on regular intervals to our field staff for updating them with field procedures, safety measures and technical know-how. Also, in order to improve safety skills of workers, we organize awareness program and mock-up drills at project sites.

Maintenance of Equipment

Maintenance of Equipment

We follow a rigorous service cycle plan for monitoring the maintenance of all equipment by using our advanced in-house troubleshooting & retrofitting tools and tackles. Also our dedicated technical team calibrate the stressing assembly on fixed interval.

Practical reflection of design results in execution process is the most important requirement in Post-Tensioning System. Calibrated equipment assures that required force is applied to the system which ensures desired performance of the building. On the contrary, by using non-calibrated equipment, design requirements will not be realized which may result to abnormal performance of the building during its service life.

Process Flow

We believe in giving the best solutions.

Designing is naturally an iterative process for us to derive the most effective option for the project. We understand the importance of the customer requirements. That is why we strive to check the feasibility and scope of work for the project at the utmost priority.

We are committed to maintain quality both in design and at site. The installation and stressing activities at project site are followed by number of inspection and quality assurance formalities.

A standard working methodology at PTSI for every project.

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