High-rise building (Skyscraper)

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

About Project

Urmi estate is a beautiful 41 storey skyscraper with 286,626 Sq. Ft. and one of the top 20 skyscrapers in India, located in Lower Parel, Mumbai. It was built in 2012.


Out of 41 floors 18 floors were constructed in RCC. Earlier beam were designed for 600 mm deep beams with RCC slab. But the requirement of clear height and larger span was not matched with RCC.


PTSI designed the slab for flat plate slab panel of 200 mm thickness which led to reducing overall height of building by approximately 30ft. also it was realized as an economical solution in terms of cost as well as time factor.

P-T was done in slab of thickness 200 mm with columns on the outer periphery and shear walls on inner periphery of the slab. A continuous drop panel of total thickness 300 mm was provided around central RCC portion. The slab was provided with slab bands which results in beam grid elimination. As a result, headroom increased; service and aesthetic aspects were also enhanced.

On terrace floor level of tower portion, along with live load of 500 kg/sq.mtr., floor finish of 150 kg/sq.mtr., wall load of 150 kg/sq.mtr., P-T slab was also designed for additional load of 1000 kg/sq.mtr. of water tank and 4 tons load from filtration equipment. Post-tensioning was done in 10 floors of parking portion of the tower in which a cantilever P-T slab of 5 mtr. was provided.

This project was completed in 15 months. The construction was carried out alternatively for each pour in a stage-wise manner so that construction of both the pours can be take place simultaneously and effectively.

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