Cantilever Roof Slab

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

About Project

This is a residential project where a cantilever is constructed on a rectangular shaped swimming pool in 2013.


The primary requirement was to make the swimming pool look aesthetically appealing and have a good architectural visibility. As a result Inclined cantilevers were required over the two opposite ends of a rectangular shaped swimming pool.


In residential portion, a flat slab of 185 sq. m area inclined at 3° with horizontal is done in P-T. Two inverted P-T beams of 8m span are provided with cantilever as long as 3.2m and 6m on both ends of beam span.

Also, slab thickness is 170mm. Here, PTSI made it possible for such long cantilevers even in such a thickness of slab. Similarly in gymnasium portion, flat slab of 100sq. m area inclined at 6° with horizontal is done in P-T. Also, two inverted P-T beams of 5.7m span are provided with cantilevers of 2m on both ends of beam span in 180mm thickness of P-T slab.

The edges on all four sides of the P-T slab are flushed (tapered) inwards. These beams are provided leaving a specific distance from the edges of P-T slab. There edges are tapered outwards on all four sides. Due to this inward-outward tapper of P-T slab and beams, the inverted beams aren’t visible from outside the residential portion. Thus, this shape provided on outward side improves outward visibility and aesthetic of the building, which was a prime architectural requirement.

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