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Most Trusted Unbonded Post-Tensioning Company In India.

We are one of the leading Post-Tensioning Companies in India providing “best-in-class” integrated solutions for Unbonded Post-Tensioning System, Void Slab System and Smart Product Ranges for improving the performance of building structure. We provide cutting-edge engineering solutions in the field of concrete construction and pre-stressed concrete technology.


We help you to enhance your perception towards building with optimum space utilisation and widen your horizon to create visionary structures by,

  • Faster construction cycle
  • Increasing distance between columns beyond 8×8 meter
  • Getting more usable space
  • Reducing overall weight of the structure
  • Providing extra choices of different geometries
  • Optimizing beam depths and slab thickness
  • Increasing architectural flexibility with space and form
  • Reducing overall height of the structure
Technologies We Provide For

Making Structure More Sustainable

Unbonded Post-Tensioning System

We provide engineering fabric which not only saves money but also results in a better overall performance of the structure.

  • Unbonded Post-Tensioning System
  • Puffer Units Void Slab System

    Make your building GREEN by using disposable formwork for lightened voided slabs in reinforced concrete.

  • Puffer Units Void Slab System
  • Concrete Maturity Smart Sensors

    Web Application based Maturity Sensing System for measuring and monitoring in-place concrete strength.

  • Concrete Maturity Smart Sensors
  • Smart Wall - Pared Frame

    An engineered wall which makes structure lighter and saves construction time.

  • Smart Wall - Pared Frame
  • smart-stopper

    Smart Stopper

    It stops your drill machine as soon as it comes into contact with any metallic components (i.e. reinforcement, cable, strands etc.)

  • Smart Stopper
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      Why PTSI

      Total Solution

      We provide end-to-end solutions for Unbonded Post-Tension Services and Void Slab System.


      We are determined to provide best of service by ensuring resource requirement for timely delivery.

      Customer Focus

      Our focus in always on improving the customers experience and sharing technical knowledge with them.


      We tend to share the design criteria and material specification openly whenever required.

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